1. Young Joo,Kee Chul

Pastor Joo, Kee Chul was born in Gyungnam Changwun Oongchungmyun, at the year of 1897 as the last son in 3 boys and 3 girl family. At that time, Korea was on war with Japan. Japan won the China-Japan war and the Russia-Japan war, and by all that Japan caused a world war. Korea wasn't a exception. In 1910 Korea was invaded by Japan.

Also in that time, Christian was being introduced by missionary with foreign goods and cultures. In 1880, New Testament was being printed in Korea, and Baejae School and the first modern hospital, Gwang Hae hospital were all made by missionaries.

Young Joo, Kee Chul followed his big brother who built a church and went to Sunday school diligently, and when he became 17, he succeeded in getting into the Osan Christian school in Pyung Yang. This school was made by Seung Hoon Lee( one of 33 Independent Activists). He established this school with all of his money to educate talented people. While Joo, Kee Chul went to this school, his faith in God, and his love to the country improved. Finally he was baptized and also traveled with Principal Jo, Man Sik to tell about God as a part of missionary work.

When he became 20, he went to the Yunhee college to study more. However his eyes weren't as good as it was before, so he had to come back to his home town. In his home town, he worked as a evangelist and was educating people about patriotism and Han Geul. However he was arrested in 1919 for leading people in 3.1 independence movement.

The biggest change in his life was happened in 1920. When he went to the worship created by pastor Kim who was famous for worships. In the worship, Joo, Kee Chul decided to become a pastor and got into the Pyung Yang Christian school(called as Jesusalem of The East) in Pyung Yang.

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Writer & Illustrator : Do-Jin Park (sysop)
Translator : Peter Jeon

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