Gideon and the Fleece

 Judges 6:1-4
1. Because the people of Israel forgot about God and served other gods instead, their land were constantly plundered by other people in the surrounding areas. They cried out to God and He promised to save them. One day, when Gideon was threshing grain in the place where he could not be seen by the Midianites, an angel appeared under the oak tree. The angel said to Gideon, "Strong warrior, God is with you.", but Gideon didn't believe the angel. The angel had Gideon prepare the worship service and threw down the fire on the offerings. Then the angel was gone.

Gideon shouted, "I met an angel!" and God told Gideon to destroy Baal and Asherah pole his father worshiped. Gideon was afraid so at night, with his servants he pulled down all the Baal altar. He gave burnt offerings to God with his best bull. The next day, people in the town swarmed and raised a ruckus. Joash, Gideon's father, undaunted and said, "If Baal is a true god, whoever did this will be punished so this is not your concern."