Jesus on the Cross
 Matthew 26:47~56, Mark 14:43~15:41, Luke 22:47~71, 23:1~49
1. At dawn, armed Roman soldiers came to arrest Jesus. Judas gave them a signal to catch Jesus by kissing Him. Peter tried to fight them and cut off one person's ear with his sword. Jesus healed the ear by touching it and said, "For all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Did you all come here with swords and clubs to arrest me? These all things happened in order to fulfill the prophesy." The scared disciples all ran away.

2. Jesus was dragged to Pilate, the Roman governor, and was brought to trial, but Pilate couldn't find any crimes that Jesus had committed. The chief priest asked, "Are you the Son of God?". Jesus answered, "Yes I am." The chief priest called for death penalty since Jesus' answer was blasphemy. People shouted, "Crucify him! Kill him!" They blindfolded Jesus and took him while spitting at him and beating him.