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1. God Created the World
2. The Garden of Eden
3. Noah's Ark
4. The Tower of Babel
5. Joseph's Dreams
6. A baby in a reed basket
7. Gideon and the Fleece
8. Samson
9. David and Goliath
10. Jonah Who Runs from the Lord
11. Daniel and His Three Friends
12. The Person in the furnace
13. Daniel in the Den of Lions
14. Esther Who Saved Israel People
1. The First Christmas
2. A Wedding Feast in Cana
3. The friends who went up to the Roof
4. Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish
5. Jesus Walked on the Water
6. Martha and Mary
7. Two Sons
8. Jesus who loved children
9. Zacchaeus on the tree
10. The Last Supper
11. Jesus on the Cross
12. Jesus who resurrected
13. Jesus who went up to Heaven
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