6. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn [Storm on the ...
Date l 2012-02-02 Hit l 6660
First, I want you to know about Rembrandt. He is a very famous artist in the Netherlands and the most representative artist in the field of 17c Europe painting.
5. Vincent van Gogh [The open Bible ],1885
Date l 2012-02-02 Hit l 2419
Do you know Vincent van Gogh who drew sunflower? He is a world famous artist, and I will introduce some pictures, and the stories behind those pictures, which are not well known.
4. Ki-Chang Kim [Jesus Christ heals the sick],[J...
Date l 2012-02-02 Hit l 3204
Hello, this is the last time to appreciate the notable paintings of UnBo Ki-Chang Kim.
3. Artist Kim Ki-Chang [The Last Supper],[Jesus'...
Date l 2012-01-31 Hit l 2652
This is the third time to appreciate the pictures of UnBo. Actually, there are much more Biblical pictures that he painted, but for today, I chose [The Last Supper] and [Jesus's Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane].
2. Artist Ki-Chang Kim [Jesus on the Cross],[Jes...
Date l 2012-01-30 Hit l 3961
Today, we will take another look at Ki-Chang Kimí»s paintings, which were inspired by the Bible. Ki-Chang Kim(whose nom-de-plume is UnBo) is the most representative oriental artist in Korea.
1. Artist Ki-Chang Kim [The Nativity of Jesus]
Date l 2011-12-24 Hit l 3670
Everyone, Letí»s appreciate this picture by the Oriental painting legend, the late artist, Ki-Chang Kim Ta-da !! Watch this picture carefully. Isní»t it similar to the last scene which you saw on The First Christmas(click)...