Hallelujah! Congratulations!
Date l 2012-07-04 Hit l 5447
Thanks to our God that we can open Bible Stories for Children in English version. Congratulations! Joy, Hope! Here is So Much Exciting Event!
Arise & Shine – Pastor Lee Sang Yeol
Date l 2012-01-27 Hit l 2629
This past February from the 21st through the 24th, there was an ASEAN visiting Korea Worship where about 5000 pastors and Christians gathered. The Hong Kong full gospel church¡¯s opening service was lead by Pastor Jo Yong Ki, from February 28th through March 3rd, and it was successful.
LORD, show me your glory!
Date l 2012-01-27 Hit l 1873
Since I first began a new church in Chuncheon under God's will, I was in deep admiration of God's glory. just like Moses and David, I begged to God; ''LORD, show me your glory!''...
Placebo: Effect Zero
Date l 2012-01-27 Hit l 1711
Many years ago, there occurred an unfortunate event. It involved a professor, absurdity, and his actions which were later exposed to be fraudulent. This single affair caused the scientific community across the globe to feel shame and a sense of great loss.
The Power of Small Things
Date l 2012-01-27 Hit l 1808
British economist E. F. Schumacher touched the hearts of many people across the world through his book called, ''Small is beautiful''. In his book he intricately elaborates on the meaning of ''real worth.''
Cheer Up! Do not let your hands hang limp
Date l 2012-01-27 Hit l 1747
A great British scholar and historian, Arnold Toynbee revealed to us his view in a historical book, ''Study of History.'' This book was mainly about challenges and responses to those challenges.
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