Welcome to Bible Stories for Children in the English version !
The early Korean version was established on July 12th in 2000 as the sysop was inspired by the message
from God in September,1999.
Since then, several updates have been contributed to this site along with the sincerity of God until now : March, 2012. Thanks to the visitors' enthusiastic requests and need for the English Version Site, Bible Stories for Children has opened a new version at last.

In 1999, Kids Bible Story was the first and the only one web site for telling Bible to children in Korea.
All of the content was made up through the sysop's brilliant efforts, and it has been carrying out the ministry of the Gospel without any commercial purposes.

Bible Stories for Children in the English version will also be with you with all of our heart in loving all the children
in the world, and will also take the role of acclaiming and pleasing God.

To fulfill the purpose of this web site, I¡¯d like to request that no part of these stories may be reproduced or transmitted in any form for commercial use. Please be noticed that all of the illustrations' copyrights are by the respective authors and all of the contents' copyrights are as stated below. However, permission is granted for the purposes of education and spreading the gospel.

I hope you will feel the grace of God to the fullest here. Shalom!
2012. 3. 1. sysop Dojin Park
Planning promoter & sysop & design Dojin Park
All Copyright holder of illustration Dojin Park
Supervisor & columnist Reverend Pastor, Sang-Yeol Lee
Context Boohae Kim (Former Teacher of Elementary School)
Translator Joonho Kim, Inae Woo, Leslie, Esther, Sarah,
Gumyoen Lee, Sona, Issac Park,
Thank you for all the other people praying for us.
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